Product 101: Notifications

Managing Email Notifications in your Dashboard

  • Accessing Notifications: In your dashboard, go to the "Results" section and switch to "List" view to see your applications.

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  • Adjusting Notifications: Identify and select the application workspace card you wish to modify. Click the "envelope" icon to toggle email notifications on (icon lit) or off (icon dimmed). This icon serves as a quick switch to manage your preferences for receiving updates on application activities.

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This process allows you to control the flow of email notifications for specific application workspaces directly from your dashboard.

Managing Email Notifications in a Workspace

  • Notification Settings: Within any application workspace, the header contains an email notification switch. This feature is enabled by default to ensure you stay informed about crucial updates such as status changes, payment dues, and permit issuances.

  • Customizing Your Experience: Disabling this switch stops email notifications for the concerned application, allowing you to customize how you receive updates according to your needs.

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