Project workspace view in the building and planning applications

The Cloudpermit user interface has many useful features to help you work more efficiently. One of them is the project workspace view. There are two ways to access the project view:

  • By clicking the project name link at the top of the workspace header in your application, you will be taken to the project view.
  • Another way to get to the project view is through the application workspace card under the "Results" section of your dashboard by clicking on the project name.

Things you can do in the project view

The project workspace view summarizes the application's various stages and displays current actions that may necessitate your attention and effort. It allows you to keep track of what is happening in your application.

The application stages differ depending on the product. The building application, for example, may have open invoices for the application, inspections, and related deficiencies and remarks. In contrast, the planning application may have conditions and orders summarized in the project view.

Project header

The project header includes an editable project name, the property's address, and the roll number. The "Create New Workspace" wizard appears in the upper right corner, allowing you to create a new workspace for your project. 

"Tasks and project updates" section

The "Tasks and project updates" section will appear in the project view whenever the application receives any updates from municipal authorities, such as new forms being uploaded or a change request for the application. 

If there are any requests or notifications about their application, Cloudpermit will send you an email and place a message in the "Tasks and Requests" section of your dashboard. As a result, the "Tasks and project updates" view is updated.

Application-related sections

The project view includes application-related sections. They do not appear by default in the project view but rather as a result of the application steps. 

The "Applications" section lists all workspaces, such as supplemental building applications, associated with the selected application.The "Applications" section provides a sorting feature to help you sort your applications using different criteria.  

  • Each application has access to the "Messaging" workspace, where it can view message threads or start a new conversation with all application stakeholders. By clicking the "Messaging" icon on the right, you can access the "Messaging" workspace.
  • You can enter the application workspace by clicking the blue button on the right.

"Outstanding Payments" section 

If the application has open invoices, the "Outstanding Payments" section will appear in the project view. It makes it easier for applicants to keep track of their payments.

Other sections

The "Orders and Outstanding Deficiencies" and "Inspections" sections will appear in the "Work & Construction" phase.

The "Orders and Outstanding Deficiencies" section will list all orders and deficiencies recorded in the application.

All inspections will be listed in the "Inspections" section, along with their current status and visit results.

The project view for a planning application includes any approval conditions imposed by authorities. These can be found in the "Conditions" section.

Renaming your project

During the application creation process, you will name your project. You can change the name later in the "project view." 

Only applicants can change the name of their applications at any point during the application process.

  1. Click the project name link on the workspace card.
  2. You'll be taken to the project view. Click the "pencil icon" next to your project name.
  3. Change the name of your project and save it by clicking the "checkmark" button on the right.
  4. The new project name is visible in both the project view and the application.

    To return to the previous view, click the "Back to Dashboard" button.


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