The "Required Tasks" progress bar in the application workspace

The "Required Tasks" progress bar appears in the Building, Planning, and Land Use Permits application workspaces. It determines which tasks in the application workspace have yet to be completed. You cannot proceed with your application to the next step if any required action is incomplete in the current workspace.

  • A green checkmark indicates that a section is finished.
  • A red checkmark indicates that something is missing.
  • The information labels on the right of the progress bar explain what is missing in the workspace.

When the required task is completed, the red icon color changes to green. The action button for the next application step will also be activated.

You can ask for further assistance with your application from the city's building and planning departments right from the application workspace by using the "Messages" feature. This feature is built into every application workspace and is accessible via the workspace header.

Remember to enable email notifications to receive a notification once your question has been answered.

Take a look at the "Messages" feature-related articles here.

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