How to navigate to the "Messages" workspace

All users in the application can send, respond to, and read all messages, as well as follow message threads between the applicant and other parties.

The "Messages" workspace can be reached through the header of the Cloudpermit dashboard, the workspace card on the dashboard, and the header of the application workspace.

The "Messages" workspace allows participants to communicate within the application. Anyone can read and respond to public messages that users send. Users can also send direct messages (Direct) to specific recipients within the application. Because all application message threads are visible to all department members, direct messages are not private messages.

The workspace "Public" is the default. By clicking the "Direct" tab in the messages workspace, you can switch to the "Direct" workspace to send a message to a specific recipient.

Navigating the "Messages" workspace from the Cloudpermit header

  1. Navigate to the Cloudpermit header and click "Messages". 
  2. Choose the application from the "Messages" column you want to navigate. 
  3. The messages workspace appears on the right. By default, the "Public" workspace is selected. By clicking the "Direct" tab, you can switch to the "Direct" message workspace.

    You can respond to an existing message thread (click "Reply") or start a new one by typing your message in the text field at the bottom of the workspace and clickig the arrow to send it.

Navigating the "Messages" workspace from the application's workspace card

  1. Filter applications under "Search". Cloudpermit displays the best matches on a map view under the "Results" section. Switch the default map view to the "List" view on the top right to see the application cards. 
  2. On the workspace card, click the "Messages" symbol to be redirected to the messages workspace. The "Messages" symbol will have a red spot if you have unread messages in the selected application.

  3. In the messages workspace, you can respond to the message thread (click "Reply") or start a new one by entering your message in the text field at the workspace's bottom. To send the message, click the arrow.

Navigating the "Messages" workspace from the selected application's workspace header

  1. Click the "Show messages" hyperlink in the workspace header.
  2. The messages workspace opens on the right. Follow the previously mentioned steps to start your messaging. 

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