How to resend a party invitation

Cloudpermit provides the ability to add parties to collaborate on the application. The Parties to the Application section is included in the application workspace. All stakeholders in the application, like applicants, authorities, constructors, or designers, have access to the section. If so decided, they can send invitations to the selected parties to collaborate on the application. After accepting the invitation, the party has access to the in-built Messaging workspace to view, send messages, and respond to them.

If the invitee hasn't accepted or has declined the invitation, the invitation can be resent. The status of the invitation is Pending in Parties to the Application. Only then the Resend icon is visible on the invitee's card.

In this section, you will learn how to resend an invitation to a party that has not accepted the invitation yet.

  1. In the Application workspace, go to Parties to the Application.
  2. There are all accepted and pending invitations.
  3. Select the pending invitation you wish to resend.
  4. Click Resend on the card.
  5. Click Yes.
  6. The invitation is now resent to the invitee. The invitee will receive an email notification with a link to accept the invitation in the application.

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