Product 101: Dashboard

Welcome to your comprehensive guide to navigating the Product Dashboard. This support article will walk you through each component, ensuring you can leverage the dashboard's full capabilities for efficient application management.

Getting Started

Upon logging in, you're introduced to the dashboard's main interface, designed for streamlined navigation and task management.

Dashboard Overview

  • Header: Quick access to support, language settings, and account information.
  • Notification Panel: Alerts for new tasks, requests, and messages.

Navigating the Dashboard

The dashboard is your control center, providing a bird's eye view of your applications and activities.

Tasks and Requests

  • Action Required: Detailed list of pending tasks, including application submissions and payment reminders.

Interactive Map

  • Property Locations: Visualize applications by location, with filtering options for status and category.

Search and Filters

Maximize efficiency with advanced search capabilities and filtering options.

  • Finding Applications: Instructions on using the search bar and filters to locate applications quickly.

Sorting and Organizing

Learn to sort and organize your applications and tasks for better workflow management.

  • Customization: How to personalize your dashboard view, including sorting applications by date, status, or custom labels.

Additional Features

Explore additional dashboard functionalities designed to enhance your user experience.

  • Messages and Notifications: Stay informed with real-time updates.
  • Profile and Settings: Manage your account settings and preferences.


Your dashboard is designed to simplify and streamline your application management process. By familiarizing yourself with its features and functionalities, you can enhance your productivity and ensure a seamless experience.

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