Product 101: Messaging

Cloudpermit's messaging system facilitates seamless communication between users, crucial for effective project management. This enhanced guide includes detailed instructions on sending and replying to both public and direct messages, alongside new insights on navigating the "Messages" workspace.

Navigating to the "Messages" Workspace

Before diving into sending and managing messages, it's essential to know how to access the "Messages" workspace. This can be done through several pathways:

  • Cloudpermit Dashboard Header: Click on "Messages" in the Cloudpermit header to access. 
  • Workspace Card on Dashboard: Use the "Messages" symbol on the workspace card; a red dot indicates unread messages.
  • Application Workspace Header: Click the "Show messages" hyperlink.

The "Messages" workspace is where all communication within an application happens. It's divided into "Public" and "Direct" tabs for different types of messaging.

Sending a Public Message

  1. Access the Messages Workspace: Start by navigating to the "Messages" workspace. You can do this directly from the Cloudpermit header by selecting "Messages" or by clicking the "Show messages" hyperlink in your application's workspace header.
  1. Compose and Send Your Message: The "Public" tab is selected by default once you're in the messages workspace. Simply type your message in the text box located at the bottom of the screen and click the arrow to send it.
  1. Message Confirmation: After sending, your message will display at the bottom of the message thread. To return to your application workspace, click "Close" in the upper right corner.

Replying to a Public Message

  1. Notification of New Message: A red dot on the "Messages" icon indicates a new message. This notification appears in the Cloudpermit header, the application's workspace header, and the workspace card under "Results."
  1. Replying to a Message: To reply, first click "Messages" in the Cloudpermit header to navigate to the messages workspace. Then, select the application from the "Messages" column, click "Reply," enter your message, and send it by clicking the arrow.
  1. Return to Application Workspace: Once you've replied, click "Open the application" to go back to your application workspace.

Sending and Replying to a Direct Message

Sending a Direct Message

Direct messages allow for communication with specific individuals within the Cloudpermit platform, though not privately, as all departmental municipal authorities can view these messages.

  1. Navigate to Direct Messages: Within your application, open the messages workspace and click the "Direct" tab.
  1. Selecting a Recipient: Choose the recipient from the drop-down menu labeled "Send a new direct message." This list includes all parties who have accepted your invitation.
  1. Composing and Sending: Type your message in the provided text field and click the arrow to send. Your message will then appear at the top of the "Direct" tab.

Replying to a Direct Message

  1. Replying Process: To reply to a direct message, navigate to the "Direct" tab, select the message thread you wish to respond to, and click "Reply."
  1. Send Your Reply: Enter your response in the text field and click the arrow to send it.

This guide ensures you can effectively use Cloudpermit's messaging system to communicate with other users, enhancing collaboration and project management within the platform.

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