How to send and reply a direct message

Users of Cloudpermit can use the application to send direct messages to a specific recipient. However, the functionality does not currently support sending messages to multiple recipients. 

Even though direct messages are meant for someone the user chooses, like a municipal authority or a property owner, these message threads are open to all municipal authorities in the department and shouldn't be thought of as private messages. However, parties can only see direct message threads in which they are either senders or recipients.

If the person is not a municipal authority, ensure that you invited the person to collaborate on your application and that your invitation was accepted before sending a direct message. More support articles for inviting parties to your application can be found in the "Party Invitations" folder.

  1. Navigate to the message workspace in your application. Click the "Direct" tab in the messages workspace.  
  2. Select the recipient from the drop-down menu under "Send a new direct message."All parties who have accepted your party invitation are included in the drop-down list selection.
  3. Enter your message in the text field at the bottom of the message workspace and click the arrow to send it over.
  4. The sent message will appear at the top of the messages workspace under the "Direct" tab.
  5. Once the recipient replies to your message, the response will show in the same message thread under the "Direct" tab.

Replying to a direct message

  1. Naviagte to the "Direct" tab, select the message thread and click "Reply."
  2. Write your response in the text field and click the arrow to send it.

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