Product 101: Parties

Effectively managing parties is a cornerstone of collaborative project management within Cloudpermit. This article outlines the process for inviting parties to an application, accepting or declining invitations, and additional party management functionalities.

Inviting Parties to an Application

You have two options to add roles to your application: inviting a party via email and adding a party manually, catering to all possible scenarios including parties without an active email address.

Inviting a Party via Email

  1. Initiating an Invitation: Navigate to "Parties to the Application" and select "Add or Invite Party."
  2. Input Details: Enter the party's email, select their role(s), and any additional permissions you wish to grant.
  3. Send the Invite: After providing optional additional information, click "Send Invite."

Adding a Party Manually

  1. Manual Input: Choose to input details manually and fill in the required information.
  2. Confirmation: The party will be contacted by email with account creation instructions.

Accepting or Declining a Party Invitation

Cloudpermit simplifies the process of collaborating on applications by allowing stakeholders to easily accept or decline invitations.

Accepting an Invitation

  1. Accessing the Invitation: Click the "Accept invitation" link in the email and log in to Cloudpermit.
  2. Join the Application: Your acceptance leads you directly into the application for collaboration.

Declining an Invitation

  1. Declining the Offer: Click "Decline" in your dashboard to remove the invitation.

Removing and Resending Party Invitations

Cloudpermit provides the flexibility to modify the party list by removing parties and the ability to resend invitations to ensure all necessary collaborators are included.

Removing a Party

  1. Party Removal: Navigate to "Parties to the Application," select the party, and click "Remove Party."

Resending an Invitation

  1. Resending an Invite: In the "Parties to the Application" section, use the "Resend" option for pending invitations.

This guide ensures a smooth process for managing parties within Cloudpermit, fostering efficient collaboration among all stakeholders involved in an application.

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