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Cloudpermit offers a dashboard map that displays the property locations of the Building, Planning, and Code Enforcement products. All Cloudpermit users, applicants, authorities, and approvers have access to the interactive map view. However, if you don't have any workspaces available, the map does not appear in your dashboard. 

By default, when you enter your dashboard, all of your applications and code enforcement cases will be displayed on a results map. You can choose which workspaces to display on the map (based on status, category, permit expiry, and municipality).

Zoom in and out, change the layers, or choose a base map to display properties on the map. The property location pins on the map will update as you change the map's viewport (pan/zoom in or out).

To view the workspace card for the selected property, click the pin on the map.

When there are multiple workspaces on the same property, clicking on the map pin displays all of the workspaces in the right-side panel rather than individual workspace details.

When you click on any application workspace titles in the panel above, the selected workspace details appear on the right. To enter the application or code enforcement case workspace, click "Open Workspace."

By clicking "List," you can switch to a list view. As a result, workspace cards are displayed in the list view.

Sort workspace cards using the drop-down list of sort criteria.

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