What does the Cloudpermit workspace header contain?

The Cloudpermit workspace header contains the basic application-specific information visible at a glance. A user can manage the basic information either by enabling it to show them or hiding a part.

The workspace header is easy to use. The navigation is always included in the top bar showing the necessary property details while working on an application. The workspace header structure is similar to all Cloudpermit solutions (Building, Planning, and Code Enforcement). 

Workspace Header

The application's workspace header includes the Cloudpermit solution name (Building, Planning, or Code Enforcement) with the property's address and a province (a state in the USA) the application is created. 

You can quickly view the property on the map by clicking "Show Map."

The property pin appears on the map. Click "Hide Map" to return the workspace header.

The primary property details are shown by default. You can hide part of them by clicking "Hide Full Data."

Only the application's roll number/PID/PIN and permit number are visible in the header now. All other primary property data is hidden. To restore the hidden data, click "Show Full Data."

Sometimes, your local government authority may manually edit the primary property details during the application review. The red labeled note in the primary details header highlights the modification that has been made for property details.  

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