Notifications|Disabling/enabling email notifications in the application

Cloudpermit sends email notifications to applicants and other parties when the status of their applications changes. Additionally, applicants will be notified of changes, outstanding payments, or issued permits. Email notifications are turned on by default. However, applicants manage email notifications in the application by enabling or disabling them. Applicants who disable email notifications will no longer receive email notifications about their applications unless they enable the function.

Option 1

You can disable or enable the email notification function on the workspace card. These cards are displayed under the Results section in your dashboard once you have switched from the map view to the list view.

The "envelope icon" on the workspace card shows that email notifications are enabled.

Hover over the envelope icon. Click once.

Email notifications are now disabled.

Click the envelope icon to enable the notifications.

Option 2

Disable notifications in the workspace header of the application by clicking the switch. Click the switch once to enable the notifications.

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