What does a Dashboard include?

Cloudpermit user interface offers many helpful features for applicants and authorities to work efficiently on applications and permits.

The Dashboard is a user's homepage in Cloudpermit. It displays all the essential information in a compact view a user needs to achieve one or more service objectives.

The Dashboard is consolidated and arranged on a single, scrollable screen that is not adjustable. After logging into the Cloudpermit, a registered Applicant and a building Authority will automatically enter the Cloudpermit Dashboard.

The Dashboard is a starting point for a project and application creation and working on reviewing applications and issuing permits. The Dashboard enables monitoring of applications and permits real-time progress statuses during the application lifecycle.

The Cloudpermit header has access to the Support site and a switch to change the language. A user can also access the in-built Messaging portal, and My profile from the header.

A user will start the application creation from the Dashboard.

The Tasks and requests feature includes requests that local government authorities impose on the applications. The Tasks and requests section will be displayed for Applicants after an Authority has, for example, requested a change, there is due payment on the application, or required attachments are missing from the application. 

The Tasks and requests section provides an Applicant with helpful information about any required application actions during the permitting process. The applications requiring actions from an Applicant are accessible from the same section.

A Dashboard enables searching, including a quick search function, filtering, and sorting of applications with various criteria. These functionalities allow narrowing the application selection results in the Results section.

The user-selected search criteria include an application name, address, status, category, permit expiry date, or municipality.

Authorities have additional search criteria such as Assignee and Reviewer included in their Dashboard's search functionality.

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