Dashboard|Using the Cloudpermit Dashboard

Cloudpermit user interface offers many helpful features for applicants and authorities to work efficiently in Cloudpermit.

After logging into Cloudpermit, the registered users will automatically enter the Cloudpermit Dashboard, which is consolidated and arranged on a single, scrollable screen that is not adjustable.

The Dashboard displays all the essential information in a compact view you need to achieve one or more service objectives. These include application creation, searching and filtering applications, and code enforcement cases or displaying them on an interactive map. The Dashboard enables monitoring of applications, permits, and code enforcement cases steps during their lifecycle.

The Cloudpermit Dashboard offers the same basic functionalities to all users. However, authorities have some additional features in their dashboards to ease their work on applications and code enforcement cases.

Cloudpermit header

The Cloudpermit header provides access to Cloudpermit Support and a switch to change the system's language. You can also access the in-built Messaging workspace and My profile from the header. The Messaging workspace allows all users within the application to view message threads and send and receive messages. My profile will enable you to manage your data and password in Cloudpermit.

Application creation

The application creation starts from Dashboard. After registration to Cloudpermit, all users will walk through the basic application creation before entering the Dashboard.

Tasks and requests

The Tasks and requests feature includes requests that local government authorities impose on the applications. This section will is displayed for applicants after authorities have, for example, requested a change for the application or required attachments are missing from the application. All invitations to collaborate on applications will also appear in the Tasks and requests section.

The Tasks and requests section provides applicants with helpful information about any required application actions during the permitting process. The applications requiring steps from applicants are accessible from the same area. 

Also, municipal authorities have a Tasks and requests section in their Dashboard. The section includes authority-based notifications about, for example, review or partial occupancy requests regarding applications.

Search & Results with Interactive Map

The Dashboard enables searching, filtering, and sorting applications according to products (Building/Supplemental Building Permits, Code Enforcement, and Planning) with various search criteria to narrow down the results in the Results section. 

The user-selected search criteria include status, category, permit expiry date, and municipality. The number of the selected search criteria is not limited.

The Results section displays the search results on the interactive map by default. You can also switch to the list view by clicking List at the top of the Results section.

The interactive map allows you to zoom in and out, drag location pins, and select different layers to display the property locations.

Authorities have additional search criteria, such as Assignee and Reviewer, in their Dashboard's search functionality.

Quick Search

Cloudpermit provides pre-configured quick search buttons in Search that allow you to apply a filter with the click of a selection button.

Quick Search helps you to find quicker specific applications and code enforcement cases if you have first created a few search filters to use the Quick Search function. 

The quick filter buttons appear in the Quick Search area of the Search section. The Quick Search is available for applicants and authorities in their Dashboard.

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