How to get familiar with the design elements on Dashboard and Workspace

This tutorial outlines the design elements that appear on the dashboard, workspace, and application card. 

Dashboard and a workspace.
The header contains the Cloudpermit static logo on the left.

On the right, there is a login to the Message Center.

Besides it, there is a User Menu containing My Profile and Log out - functions.

There is a Tasks and Requests section under My Dashboard.
It houses tasks and requirements regarding the assignee´s application. Usually, the local government authority imposes the requirements shown in this view.

On the right, there is an action button for creating a new application.
Workspaces house the following:
  • Search
  • Quick Search
  • Filtering of applications
  • Sorting of applications
  • Results of the search criteria

You can set pre-configured search criteria under the Search function or filter and sort applications to ease finding specific applications.

Cloudpermit will populate the application the best fit the search, filter, and sort criteria in the workspace.

Each application card under Workspace provides detailed information about the application.

The application card houses the following information:
  • The name of the project with the property address
  • The building target and work
  • The applicant´s name
  • The latest update by whom
  • The status of the application.

You can enable and disable the email notifications regarding your application by clicking the envelope icon on the right of the card.

You can start messaging with the local government authority on your application by clicking the messaging icon beside the email icon.

You can enter the Application Workspace by clicking the Open Workspace button.

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