How to search

This tutorial shows how to search for applications on Cloudpermit's Dashboard.

The search bar is included under Workspaces on the Dashboard.

The user can input one of the following information into the search text field to help find a specific application:

  1. Municipal address of an application
  2. Permit number of an application
  3. Name of an applicant
  4. Name of a project
  5. Name of a street
  6. Name of an applicant or property owner

The Status drop-down menu includes various application statuses that Cloudpermit automatically saves during the application created in the database.

Those statuses that already exist in the database appear on the drop-down menu list under Status.


The Category houses application category types used in building and planning applications, like Residential, Agricultural, Commercial, Condominium Approval, etc.


The Permit Expiry includes expired applications and the ones expiring within one month.
Local government authorities search includes the Assignee and Reviewer search options:
  • An assignee is a person appointed to act for another.
  • A reviewer is a person who is authorized to review a certain part of the application, most often in the circulation phase. 

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