Search|Using the Search functionality

The Search function is in the Cloudpermit Dashboard. To narrow down the results, applicants can select search criteria like status, category, permit expiry, and municipality.  

Setting search filters

  1. Select the product to narrow down the selection by clicking the tab.
  2. The Search function contains various search criteria:
  • Status contains a list of work phases.
  • The category contains a list of work types.
  • Permit expiry allows the selection of applications according to their expiry time.
  • The municipality contains a list of municipal departments.

3. Select the search criteria from the drop-down menus. Each drop-down menu contains several search criteria. The number of the selection is not limited.

5. Click Save Search.

6. Name your filter and click the entered name once.

7. Click Save.

8. The created search filter is in the Saved Filters drop-down selection.

9. The search filter is ready to be used.

Sorting applications under Results

Cloudpermit allows users to sort applications by using various sorting criteria. The functionality is under the Results section. Sorting helps users to have a quick overview of their applications and statuses. 

  1.  Cloudpermit provides the following pre-configured sorting criteria:
  • Oldest submitted first
  • Recently submitted first
  • Oldest created first
  • Recently created first
  • Oldest modified first
  • Recently modified first
  • Closest due date first
  • Furthest due date first

3. Select one of the sorting criteria from the drop-down menu. Cloudpermit automatically shows the best matches of applications in the Results section.


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