How to search for applications by using search criteria

The Search function is in the user's Workspace in the Cloudpermit Dashboard. 

The Search function allows searching for applications by using various search criteria, like project name, property address, application status, application category, permit expiry, or municipality. 

In this section, you will learn how to search for applications using the abovementioned criteria.

  1. Navigate to Search in the Workspaces section. Search for applications by typing an applicant's or property owner's name, a property address, a project name, or a permit number into the search text field. 

2. Cloudpermit shows the matching workspaces in Results.

3. Select search criteria from the drop-down menus (status, category, permit expiry, or municipality.) Each drop-down menu selection contains many search criteria. You may select as many as needed. 

4. After your selection, Cloudpermit will show you the best matching workspaces in Results.

5. The Status drop-down menu contains application steps (Draft, Submitted, In Review, etc.) that Cloudpermit automatically saves during the application process.

6. The Category drop-down menu contains application work types. 

7. Permit Expiry contains the expired applications and those expiring within one month.

8. The Municipality drop-down contains building and planning departments to which users may submit their applications. This selection is municipality-based.

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