Using the Required Tasks progress bar in the Application workspace

The Required Tasks progress bar appears in the Building, Planning, and Land Use Permits products. It determines what tasks are outstanding in your application.

A green mark will indicate a section is complete, while a red mark means something is missing. You can refer to the additional help text on the right of the Required Tasks section for specific requirements.

After completing the application's required task, the color turns green. 

For example, the application involves the role of the property owner to collaborate on the application. A user clicks the Parties to the Application section. If the applicant is a Property Owner, the user adds it to the applicant card. If the property owner is another person, a user creates a party invitation for the property owner to collaborate on the application. See related articles here.

After adding the missing role to the application, the Parties icon turns green.

If you require additional assistance from your municipality authority, open your application and click Messages at the top-right of the page.

Send a public message requesting assistance. This will allow municipal admins to view your application directly and help you determine what still needs to be done.

Take a look at the Messaging-related articles here.

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