How to use Tasks and Request section in the dashboard

This tutorial shows you how to benefit from the Tasks and Requests section in the dashboard.

The Tasks and Requests section locates in the upper part of the Dashboard.

The Tasks and Requests section houses all the tasks assigned to the applicant during the application process. Such may include, for example, if a particular phase in the application needs changes, there is a payment waiting, or the permit payment is due.

Each task row ends with an action button allowing you to navigate the respective application.

In the example, the user has a due payment.
After clicking the action button on the right, the user is navigating to the application workspace. 
The overdue bill appears in the Fees & Payments block, and the applicant can now pay the bill online there.
If any party invites you to collaborate on the application, you receive an email notification about the invitation.

Additionally, the invitation request also appears in the Tasks and Requests - section in your dashboard.
You can see the requester, to which role you have been invited, and the property address in the taskbar.

You can either decline or accept the invitation.
By accepting it, you will navigate to the application.

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