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The Cloudpermit user interface provides many useful features to help applicants and authorities work more efficiently. One of them is the project view, accessed via the application workspace card. 

The project view summarizes the application's critical information by process step. It contains information such as property data, tasks and project updates, a list of related applications, inspections, orders, deficiencies, and outstanding payments, among other things. Planning approvals also include a list of conditions attached to the approval. From the project view, users can also rename the project or begin creating a new application.

Entering the project view

You can access the project view from your workspace card (in the dashboard's Results section) by clicking on the project name hyperlink.

You can also click the project name hyperlink to enter the project view if you are in the application workspace.

Project header

The project header includes the project name (which can be changed), property address, and roll number. It enables you to start creating a new workspace (Create New Workspace).

Application-related sections

The project view includes application-related sections. They do not appear by default, but rather as a result of the application steps. 

Tasks and project updates


Because municipal authorities have added a new form to the application, the "Tasks and project updates" section will appear in the project view. Cloudpermit sends applicants an automated notification for any requests or notifications related to their application. These notifications will appear in the "Tasks and requests" section of the user's dashboard as well as in the project view under "Tasks and project updates."


The Applications section contains all workspaces associated with the selected application. Users can enable or disable email notifications for the selected workspace or enter the Messaging workspace. Users can enter the selected workspace by clicking the arrow on the right of the row. Users can also sort applications by selecting the sorting criteria from the drop-down (Select) menu.

Other sections

If the application is in a step where orders, deficiencies, or inspections are required, sections such as "Orders," "Deficiencies," or "Inspections" will appear.

By default, the "Outstanding Payments" section appears in the project view.

The Planning application project view includes any conditions imposed by authorities for approval. Those are displayed in the "Conditions" section.

Renaming a project

Cloudpermit enables users to rename their projects in applications. The project name is your application name in the application creation step. The name can be changed in the project view, accessed via the hyperlink from the application workspace (the link is the project name). Only applicants may change the name of their applications at any time during the application process.

  1. Click the project name link on the workspace card.
  2. You will enter the project view. Click the "pencil icon" next to the project name to rename your project.
  3. Rename your project and save it by clicking the "checkmark" on the right.
  4. The new project name appears in the project view and in the application. Click Back to Dashboard to return to the previous view.


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