How to accept the party invitation without having an account in Cloudpermit

Cloudpermit provides the ability to add parties to collaborate on the application. The Parties to the Application section is included in the application workspace. All stakeholders in the application, like applicants, authorities, constructors, or designers, have access to the section. If so decided, they can send invitations to the selected parties to collaborate on the application. After accepting the invitation, the party has access to the in-built Messaging workspace to view, send messages, and respond to them.

Cloudpermit allows users to invite parties without an account in Cloudpermit. In this case, a user receives an email invitation including a Cloudpermit registration link. After registering, the invitee will enter the application to which the Sender has sent the invitation.

In this section, you will learn how to accept an invitation if you do not have an account in Cloudpermit yet.

  1. The Invitee will receive an email invitation from the Cloudpermit user. The invitation mail should look similar to the image below.
  2.  Fill out the Cloudpermit registration form. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk(*).
  3. The email address is the user name while logging in to Cloudpermit.
  4. Create a strong password.
  5. Click Complete Registration.
  6. On the Cloudpermit welcome page, accept the invitation. By accepting the invitation, you will enter the application to which the applicant has sent you the invitation. By declining the invitation, you are not able to enter the application.
  7. The inviter receives an email notification about your decision to accept or decline the invitation.
  8. After accepting the invitation, you will enter the Application workspace.
  9. Click Parties to the Application.
  10. Your party card is there. 


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