How to invite parties to an application

You can add roles to your application in two ways:

  • Option 1: Inviting a party via email.
  • Option 2: Adding a party manually.

Option 2 applies if a party does not have an active email address or wants to be digitally involved in the application.

Inviting a party via email

  1. Scroll to "Parties to the Application" and click "Add or Invite Party."
  2. Input the party's email address into the email address text field. 
  3. Select roles from the drop-down list (invitee will act in role(s) of). Note that one party may have numerous roles. For example, one party may act as an Applicant, Payer, and Consultant, while another party may only be a Property Owner.
  4. Select any additional permission(s) you may want to grant to your party.
  • Modify application - A user may make changes and sign off the application. 
  • View all applicable phases, like Pre-consultation, Work & Construction, or Archival.
  • Add new applications to the project. 


       5.If you want to provide more information about the invitation, write a brief message to your invitee (optional). 

       6. Click "Send Invite."

An email will be sent to the invitee. Until the invitee accepts your invitation in Cloudpermit, the invitation remains in the "Parties to the Application" section as a pending step.

Adding a party manually

  1. Select "Input details manually and add the party immediately."

    Fill in the blanks with the information from your invitee. In the section "Invitee will play the role(s) of"), select the roles you want to assign to the invitee from the drop-down menu. One party can play multiple roles in the application and the selection is not limited.

    Select "Add.

  2. The invitee will be contacted by email. It includes instructions for creating a Cloudpermit account. When the account is created, and the invitee accepts the party invitation, the status of the party card changes to "confirmed," and the color symbol on the invitee's party card changes to green.




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