How to digitally sign the building permit before issuance

Some building permits may require applicants to sign off on them before they are issued. The municipal building authority prepares a draft permit once the application is complete and the permit is ready to be issued. The municipal authority will assign the permit to the applicant for their signature in Cloudpermit. The status of the application changes to "Waiting for Sign Off."

You will be notified of the permit status change via email. Once you have signed off on the application, the permit PDF will be issued and saved in the application workspace under the "Permits" section. The permit is downloadable from there at any time.

  1. When your building permit is complete, the municipal authority may request you sign it. The status of the application is "Waiting for Sign Off." Cloudpermit will send you an email containing a link to the permit. To access the permit, open the email and click the "Open permit" link.

  2.   Once entered the building permit, click "Sign Off."
  3. You have now successfully signed off on the permit. The permit has been issued, and the permit PDF is now visible in the application workspace's "Permits" section.
  4. The issued permit should look similar to the image below. The document may contain several pages.
  5. The status of your application has been changed to the "Permit Issued" step. In addition, a new tab called "Work & Construction" has been added to your application. This tab includes a workspace for the "construction started" phase, where you can request inspections for your project, for example.
  6. To download your permit PDF, click the "Application" tab and scroll down to the "Permits" section. In this section, you can download your permit PDF at anytime.

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