How to request a partial occupancy permit

Municipal building authorities will determine which inspections are required for specific application types and preconfigure them accordingly. They may also select additional inspections for the project during permit issuance.

One of them is a request for partial occupancy. The municipal authority, for example, can enable the "partial occupancy request" option in the applicant's application during the on-site inspection. 

During the "Work & Construction" phase, the applicant will request partial occupancy with a reason. The municipal authority will then conduct an on-site partial occupancy inspection to determine whether the request is approved or denied. The applicant will be notified via email, and the decision will also be visible in the workspace's "Occupancy" section.

  1. The municipal building authority enables partial occupancy for your application. You will be notified about it via email. The email should look similar to the image below. Click "Open application" to be redirected to the "Work & Construction" workspace.
  2. Scroll down to the "Occupancy" section in your workspace and expand the section. 
  3. The partial occupancy request appears in the "Occupancy" section. Once the municipal authority enables the option to apply to a partial occupancy permit, he/she will also add instructions for applying the permit request. The example below shows two partial occupancy requests; one is approved, another one is declined.
  4. To apply for a partial occupancy, click "Apply for Partial Occupancy".
  5. Fill out the required fields (*). Click "Sign Off and Apply."
  6. You have now signed off on your partial occupancy request and submitted it to the municipal building department. You will receive an email notification of the decision once it has been made. The partial occupancy result will be saved in your workspace's "Occupancy" section.

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