How to find the granted occupancy permit PDF

Before granting an occupancy permit for a construction project, the municipal authority must complete and approve all project health and safety components. When the occupancy permit has been approved, Cloudpermit sends the applicant an email with a PDF of the occupancy permit. 

The occupancy inspection result without a PDF document is saved in the "Inspections" section of the "Work & Construction" workspace. If you need to save the permit PDF on your computer or download it, use the file PDF in the email.

The occupancy permit PDF is included in the email

Cloudpermit will automatically send you an email informing you of the status of your occupancy permit request and its decision. The PDF occupancy permit is included in the email.

An example of the granted occupancy permit PDF.

The occupancy inspection result is recorded in the "Inspections" section of the application workspace

In the email shown below, click the "Open application" link.
It'll take you to the "Work & Construction" workspace.

Scroll down to the "Inspections" section. The outcome of the occupancy inspection is recorded under "Occupancy." 

If an occupancy inspection fails, for example, due to a discovered deficiency, you can request a new occupancy inspection here once the deficiency has been corrected.


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