How to apply for an occupancy inspection in the "Work & Construction" phase

Applicants will apply for an occupancy inspection through Cloudpermit once the building is completed. Municipal building inspectors will ensure that all project health and safety components are complete and approved before issuing the occupancy permit.

Typically, the occupancy inspection request is part of the list of required inspections. The list is available in the "Inspections" section of the "Work & Construction" workspace.

  1. Navigate to "Inspections" and select the occupancy request from the list. Click "request inspection."
  2. Select the date and time slot for the inspection. Enter a message to the inspector if needed and click "Create Inspection Request."
  3. The occupancy request has been created. You can still modify it by changing the date and time, or cancelling it until the request is under "unconfirmed" status. Once the status turns to "Confirmed", it is dispatched to the inspector in your municipal building department.
  4. To change the date and time, or cancel the request, click "Modify Request."
  5. Click "Change Date" to choose a different date and time. Save your modifications.

  6. If you decide not to submit the request, select "I want to cancel this request" button shown in the image above. The request will be automatically removed from your municipal department's inspection queue. You can create a new occupancy request in Cloudpermit at any time. 

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