How to Make Required Changes to Forms and Attachments in Cloudpermit

During the application review process, the municipal authority may request changes to the forms and attachments submitted with your application in Cloudpermit. This guide outlines the steps to provide the required changes to forms and attachments efficiently.

Steps to Make Required Changes:

  1. Initiate Communication with Municipal Authority:
    • If you are unsure about the changes requested or need assistance, start a direct conversation with your municipal authority. Access the "Messages" workspace by clicking the "Show messages" link in the application workspace. More information is provided here.
  2. Providing Form Changes:
    • Locate the application forms under the "Application Data" section, specifically under the "Waiting for Customer" tab.
    • Click on the form that requires changes to access the form view.
    • Make the necessary changes to the form and click "Changes Made."
    • To navigate between multiple forms, see the support article here.
    • Confirm the successful implementation of changes by clicking "Yes" when prompted. The form will be locked afterward.
    • Return to the application workspace by clicking "Back to Workspace."
    • In the "Application Data" section, the form will now have a new label indicating it was "Updated by Customer," signifying that the changes have been applied.
  3. Providing Attachment Changes:
    • Navigate to the "Tasks and Requests" section and select the change request for the attachment version. 
    • Open the "Attachments" section in the application workspace.
    • Identify the attachment labeled "Changes required" and proceed to upload a new version. 
    • Click "Upload New Version," select the updated file from your local folder, and upload it.

    • Once uploaded, the newly updated version of the attachment will be displayed in the attachment section.
    • The municipal authority will be automatically notified of the changes made, and the review process for the updated attachment will commence.

By following these steps, you can efficiently provide the required changes to forms and attachments in your Cloudpermit application. Effective communication with the municipal authority ensures that the application review process progresses smoothly and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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