How to Renew a Permit in Cloudpermit

Permits in Cloudpermit have an expiry date set by your municipality, indicating when the permit will no longer be valid. This guide explains the steps to renew a permit in Cloudpermit when it approaches or reaches its expiry date.

Steps to Renew a Permit:

  1. Check Permit Expiry Date:
    • Monitor the permit expiry date, which is displayed on the permit itself. This date signifies when the permit will expire. The validity period is determined by your municipality.
  2. Filter Permits on Dashboard:
    • Utilize the filter criteria on the Cloudpermit dashboard to locate permits that are nearing expiration. Filters such as "Expired" or "Expires within one month" can help you identify permits that require renewal.
  3. Contact Building Department:
    • When your permit approaches its expiry date or expires, contact your city's building department for guidance on the renewal process. They will provide instructions on the necessary steps to renew your permit.
  4. Consider Submitting a New Application:
    • Depending on the policies of your municipality, you may need to submit a new application in Cloudpermit for permit renewal. Your building department will inform you if this is necessary.
  5. Utilize the "Message" Feature:
    • Use the "Message" feature located in the header of your application workspace to communicate with your local building department regarding permit renewal.
    • Send a "public" message to all stakeholders involved in the application and the building department, or send a "direct" message to specific stakeholders from the list of current stakeholders in your application.
  6. Gather Additional Information:
    • If you require further clarification or details about the renewal process, utilize the "Message" feature to inquire about any additional information needed from your building department.

Renewing a permit in Cloudpermit involves monitoring the permit expiry date, contacting your city's building department for guidance, and potentially submitting a new application if required. Utilizing the "Message" feature enables seamless communication with stakeholders and facilitates the renewal process.

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