How to manually determine property location data in applications

Cloudpermit's interactive map with GIS will be used to locate the property. However, gaps in the municipalities' GIS database can occasionally cause the "Property information not found" message to appear in the location selection view. In that case, Cloudpermit allows users to manually enter the property address, roll number, and legal description into the application.

The application will bear a "User Input" label once it is submitted, indicating to municipal authorities that the location was manually entered. The municipal departments will correct the property location data during the application review.

  1. You can enter the address of the property in the address field. If the GIS database cannot locate the address, the link with the notification "Location not found?" will appear. When you click the link, you can try dragging on the map to find the location.
  2. Once you click on the property in the map, the selected property details will appear on the right. Continue until you find the right property.
  3. Another way is by manually entering the property address, roll number, and legal number. Click "Next" to proceed to the "Summary" view.
  4. Click "Finish & Create."
  5. You will be taken to the application workspace. The workspace header is labeled "User Input" in red. It denotes that the property address was typed in manually. The label "The primary property details were manually filled in" indicates that the applicant entered the roll and legal numbers.
    The municipal department will determine the correct property location and change the details during the application review.

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