How to know if the application type requires an upfront payment

Before submitting certain types of applications, applicants may be required to make an upfront payment for the municipal building department in Cloudpermit. Municipal building authorities determine which types of applications require a deposit. After you've created your application, Cloudpermit will notify you if it requires an upfront payment before proceeding. Typically, this notification will appear after you have signed off on the application. The "Continue to Payment" button will appear in the Sign-Off workspace.

  1. Click "Continue to Payment."
  2. Scroll down to "Fees and Payments" in the application workspace. Under the "Unpaid" section, you will see the total amount owed.

    Cloudpermit offers various payment methods, like cash, cheque, credit card, debit, and e-transfer for municipalities. However, each municipality that uses Cloudpermit has different payment options. In the "Fees & Payments" section, they will usually provide information on how to pay. If you require assistance with the payment, you should contact your municipal building department.

    At the top of the application, click the "Submit Upon Payment" button.

  3. The application proceeds to the "Payment" step.
    All parties involved will be notified by email of the change in application status. You pay your upfront bill as directed by your municipality's building department.

    Following that, the municipal authority will acknowledge your payment in the application and mark the bill as paid. The status of the application will be changed to "Submitted." Following that will be the application review phase.


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