How to provide required changes to forms and attachments in applications

The municipal authority may request changes to the forms and attachments of your application. Cloudpermit notifies you of change requests in your dashboard's "Tasks and Requests" section. A change request notification includes information about which part of the application should be changed (a form or an attachment) and a brief description of the required change. If you are unsure of what will be expected of you, you can initiate a direct conversation with your municipal authority to learn more. Once you've entered the form workspace by clicking the arrow in the change request, you'll see the direct message option (the direct message link).

Providing form changes 

  1. Once you've entered the form, make the necessary changes. If you have any questions regarding the request, you can start a conversation with your municipal department by clicking the "Direct message" link. It redirects you to the application's messages workspace.
  2. The direct message means that the converstation is between you and the assigned municipal authority. Enter your message to the message text field at the bottom and click the arrow to send it.
  3. Your municipal authority will be notified of the message and he/she should respond to it soon.
  4.  When you're finished with the change request, click "Changes made" at the top of the form workspace.
  5. Once you click "Yes", the form will be locked and you cannot make any changes to it. 
  6. You have now provided required changes to the form. The status of the application has been changed to "In review." The municipal authority will continue with the applcation review and verify these changes. If they are correct, the process will continue. A new change request will be added to your "Tasks and Requests" section if additional changes are required.

Providing attachment changes

  1. Select the change request for an attachment version in your "Tasks and Requests" section. Click the arrow to open the application workspace.
  2. You will see the label "Changes required" in the attachment to which you should provide changes. Additionally, your municipal authority has entered a note of what is required. Upload a new version of the By clicking "Upload New Version," you can upload a new version of the attachment from your computer.
  3. When you're done, the newly uploaded version of the selected attachment will appear in the attachment section. The municipal authority will be notified of the changes made and the review process will begin.

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