How to make required changes to forms and attachments

The municipal authority may request changes to the forms and attachments of your application during the application review step. If you are unsure of what is expected of you, you can start a direct conversation with your municipal authority to ask for assistance. The "Show messages" link in the application workspace takes you to the "Messages" workspace, where you can begin communicating with your municipal authorities. Read more steps here.

Providing form changes 

  1. The application forms can be found under "Application Data." The form that needs to be changed is under the "Waiting for Customer" tab. To access the form view, click on the form.
  2. Make the required changes to the form and click "Changes Made."
  3. Confirm that your changes were successful. After you click the "Yes" button, the form is locked, and no changes can be made.
  4. You have now provided the required changes to the form. Click "Back to Workspace" to enter the application workspace.
  5. Navigate to the "Application Data" section. You will see that the form has a new label, "Updated by Customer."  The form has been updated with the changes you provided. The application has returned to the "In Review" step. The municipal authority will begin reviewing the proposed changes. If they are OK, the review process will proceed. If the provided changes are not acceptable, a new change request will be submitted.

Providing attachment changes

1. Select the change request for an attachment version in your "Tasks and Requests" section. Click the arrow to open the "Attachments" section in the application workspace.

2. You will see the label "Changes required" in the attachment to which you should provide changes. Upload a new version of the attachment by clicking "Upload New Version", selecting the file from your local folder, and uploading it.

 3. When you're done, the newly uploaded version of the selected attachment will appear in the attachment section.

4. The municipal authority will be notified of the changes made and the review process will begin. 

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