How to create an application for an existing project

You can create a supplemental application to the existing project in Cloudpermit. The application will copy the province, state, municipality, application type, and parties (editable) from the existing project. 

You can select the project type, work type, and category, which determine the required application forms. Once the required data is provided, you can submit the application.

  1. Click Create a New Application in your Dashboard.
  2. Click the Select Existing Project tab.
  3. Select the application to which you want to add an application. Click Next at the bottom of the view.
  4. The province|state, and municipality are copied from the current project. You cannot change them. Type the property address or roll number in the search text field. You can also search for properties by clicking and dragging properties on the map. Click Next.
  5. You cannot select any other application type than the existing application.
  6. Select project type, category, work type, and target. Click Next.
  7. Check the application data under Summary and click Finish & Create.
  8. The draft application has copied parties from the existing application. The Required Tasks progress bar shows you the action you must do before submitting the application.

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