How to find an occupancy permit in the application

Cloudpermit provides the Inspections feature that is accessible from the application. The feature allows requesting various inspections (Applicants), monitoring, and conducting inspections on-site (Authorities).

Before requesting an occupancy, all health and safety components of the project must be completed and approved. 

Once the occupancy is granted, Cloudpermit sends an Applicant an email with a downloadable occupancy permit PDF. The downloadable occupancy permit PDF is also saved in the application's Occupancy section. 

In this section, you will learn how to find an occupancy permit in your mailbox and the application workspace.

Option 1

  1. In your mailbox, open the email from Cloudpermit. It contains the downloadable occupancy permit PDF.

  1. The occupancy permit may contain several pages and look similar to the image below.
  2. Save the PDF on your computer and download it.

Option 2

  1. In the Work & Construction workspace, scroll down to the Occupancy section.
  2. The occupancy permit is under Downloads.
  3. Click the occupancy permit link to save the permit PDF.
  4. Download the permit if needed.

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