How to submit property location data manually

Cloudpermit gives customers the option to manually enter property location information when creating applications if the property address is not automatically filled out by the municipality's Geographic Information System (GIS). 

Typically, the interactive map with GIS in Cloudpermit will be used to locate the property. While the property's location is chosen, the GIS database may have gaps that cause the message "Property information not found" to appear. In that situation, Cloudpermit gives users the option to manually enter the property address and other information, such as the roll number and legal description.

Searching location by property address 

  1. Type the property address in the address field. You will see a notification "Location not found" if the address is missing from the GIS data. Click on the "Location not found" link under the address bar.
  2. Point to the desired property location by clicking and dragging on the map.
  3. Once the correct property address has been found, click Next.

Entering property details manually 

You can add the property's roll number and legal description in Cloudpermit even though the property details are missing.

  1. Click and drag on the map to search for the property address. The notification "Location information missing" will appear if the property cannot be found from the GIS data. 
  2. Click the hyperlink that says, "You can also enter property details manually."
  3. Fill out the required data* under Property details. Click Next.
  4. Continue with your application creation.
  5. Once the application has been created, the red-labeled notification that says "Primary property details have been filled in manually" appears in the workspace header. During the application review step, the municipal building authorities will validate the property data and add the missing address from the GIS database.

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