How to submit property location data manually

This tutorial outlines how to submit property location data manually if they are for some reason not populated from the GIS data. 

Occasionally, while the location is being selected for the property subject, the GIS database may have gaps which result in a situation 'Property information not found.'

If you encounter the situation, you can still add the following property location data manually in the application on Cloudpermit:
  • Civic address
  • Roll number
  • Legal description

Step 1:

Click the blue link ' You can also enter property details manually.'
The location form for the application opens.

Step 2:

Fill out the mandatory fields marked by a red asterisk (*) on the form.

Once done, click Next.
Success - You have now entered the property location data manually and may continue with your application.

There appear signposts stating that the property information has been filled in manually.

The local government authority may check the provided subject property location during the application´s review phase and add missing information from the GIS data.

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