How to submit property location data manually

Cloudpermit allows users to manually add property location data during application creation if it is not populated from the GIS data. Usually, the property will be found by using the interactive map with GIS. However, occasionally, while the location is selected for the property subject, the GIS database may have gaps which result in a situation "Property information not found." In that case, Cloudpermit allows users to add the property address manually. 

In this section, you will learn how to add property location data during application creation manually.

  1. If the property is not found, the notification Location information missing will appear in the view.
  2. Click the hyperlink You can also enter property details manually.
  3. Fill out the roll number and legal description (mandatory.)
  4. Click Next.
  5. Continue with your application creation.
  6. Once the application is created, the manually added data is red labeled in the workspace header.
  7. The Authority will validate the manually provided property location during the review step and add missing information from the GIS data.

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