How to request an inspections for the application in the Work & Construction phase

Building Inspection is an extensive inspection by a qualified Inspector. It covers all major systems, including foundation, plumbing, electrical, roof, heating, and air conditioning. 

Cloudpermit provides the Inspections feature that is accessible from the application. The feature allows requesting various inspections (Applicants), monitoring, and conducting inspections on-site (Authorities). Authorities will record deficiencies and remarks in the application and provide the inspection report to applicants.

Municipalities will decide which inspections are required for specific application types. These inspections are preconfigured in Cloudpermit ensuring Applicants will always request relevant inspections for their projects. Additionally, Authorities may decide on additional inspections for the project, like a partial occupancy during permit issuance. 

Usually, the inspection request comes relevant in the project's Work & Construction phase. Applicants have a list of required inspections in the application's Inspection section. They may decide the date and timeslot for the inspection before requesting it. Authorities will monitor these inspection requests and dispatch them to qualified Inspectors. 

In this section, you will learn how to find the required inspections in the Work & Construction phase.

  1. Click Work & Construction workspace. Scroll down to the Inspections section.
  2. All required inspections for the project are listed in this view.
  3. Select the inspection and click Request inspection.
  4. Choose the inspection's date and timeslot.
  5. Type additional information for an Inspector (optional).
  6. Click Create Inspection Request.
  7. The inspection request is now moved to the municipality to wait to be dispatched to a qualified Inspector.
  8. The Inspector will confirm the request and start conducting the inspection on-site.

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