How to create an inspection request, change its date and time, or cancel it

A qualified inspector thoroughly examines your construction during a building inspection. It includes all major systems, including the foundation, plumbing, electrical, roof, heating, and air conditioning. 

Cloudpermit provides the "Inspections" feature, accessible from the building application workspace, to applicants and municipal building authorities. By using this feature, applicants can choose the inspection's date and time and request inspections as needed for their application type.

The municipal building department determines which inspections are required for which types of building applications. Because Cloudpermit has these inspections preconfigured for each available kind of application, applicants will always request the appropriate inspections for their projects. 

Typically, the inspection request arises during the project's "Work & Construction" phase. Applicants have a list of required inspections included in the "Inspections" section of the application workspace. They select the desired inspection and set the date and time before requesting an inspection from their municipal department.

Contact your municipal building department if the desired inspection is not included in the inspection list of your application.

Creating an inspection request

  1. Go to the "Work & Construction" workspace and scroll down to the "Inspections" section. This view comprises all required inspections to your project.
  2. Select the inspection and click "Request inspection."
  3. Choose the date and time slot for your inspection. Enter a message for the inspector in the "additional information" field (optional)." Click "Create Inspection Request."
  4. Your inspection request has now been submitted to the municipal building department, where it will be assigned to a qualified inspector. The inspection request will remain unconfirmed in the "Inspections" section until the assigned inspector confirms it. You can change its date and time slot or cancel it until it is confirmed.

    Modifying the date and time slot, or cancelling the unconfirmed request

    You can change the date and time for your request, or cancel it until the municipal building department has confirmed and assigned it to the inspector.

    1. Click "Modify Request" to change the date and time slot, or to cancel the request from the application.
    2. Select " I want to cancel this request" in case you want to remove the inspection request from the application. Click "Cancel Now and Close."
    3. Select "Change Date" if you want to reschedule the inspection. Choose date and time from the calendar and click "Update and Close". 
    4. If you decide to cancel the request, it will appear in the "cancelled" step in the inspection list.

    Confirmed inspection request

    The status of the inspection request changes to "Confirmed" once it has been dispatched to the inspector's work queue. You can still cancel the inspection, but you won't be able to change the date or time.

    Inspection is in progress

    1. Once the inspection has begun, the status of the inspection request is changed to "In progress."

      To enter the inspection view, click the "OPEN" link.

    2. In this view, you can monitor the progress of the inspection on-site.

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