How to pay for approval application fee before submitting the approval application

Some approval applications may require an initial payment before you can apply. The municipal authority has given you payment instructions, which you can find in your approval application workspace under "Fees & Payments."

You will see the button "Continue to Payment" after you have signed off on your approval application.

  1. Click "Continue to Payment."
  2. The payment instructions are in the "Fees & Payments" section. The invoice PDF is also available for download. If you are unsure how to pay, please get in touch with your municipal planning department for assistance.
  3. After paying the upfront approval bill, click "Submit Upon Payment."
  4. Your approval application status has changed to "Payment." The due payment appears under "Unpaid" in the "Fees & Payments" section. Once the municipal planning department has acknowledged your payment, the approval application status will change to "Submitted."

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