How to subscribe to the Public Notice hearing in Cloudpermit

With Cloudpermit's Public Notice feature, city officials can keep track of information and tasks related to public hearings and planning applications. As part of the approval process, it also helps neighbors and other people give feedback on the planning proposal. 

The city's planning department can post a link to the application in Cloudpermit or a QR code on the city's website or on social media so that people can sign up on their own to find out if the application was approved or not. 

By clicking on the link or scanning the QR code, the citizen will go to the sign-up page for the chosen planning application in Cloudpermit. 

Citizens can self-register for the public notice hearing in the Cloudpermit subscription view to receive decisions for the application. They must provide their email address and accept the terms of service. After clicking the "Subscribe" button, they are now signed up to get decisions from the public hearing for the chosen application.

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