How to sign off, upload and download an affidavit and submit the planning approval application

After filling out the application information, the applicant must sign it and send it in to the municipal . Some application types may require an affidavit to be filled out on the sign-off form. All PDFs are downloadable in the "Sign-Off" workspace of the application. on

Signing off the application

  1. The "Required Tasks" progress bar shows that all requirements are met in your approval application.
  2. Click "Sign Off Application."
  3. In the Sign-Off view, scroll down to the "Affidavit and Signatures" section. At the bottom of the section, you will find a list of roles that must sign off on the application. The declaration may require the signature of an Agent or a Property Owner, depending on the scope of your application and proposed use.
  4. If you have given yourself the required roles in the "Parties to the Application" section, click "Sign Off" on each section. Cloudpermit trickers the role from your party card. Also read the article "How to assign yourselves multiple roles in the application."

Downloading and uploading an affidavit

  1. You must provide the affidavit, it the the sign-off form requires it. 
  2. Click "Download Affidavit."
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. Click "Upload Affidavit+."
  5. The affidavid PDF is uploaded to the approval application.

Submitting approval application

  1. Click "Submit Application" at the top of the Sign-Off workspace.
  2. The approval application has been submitted to your municipal planning department and is waiting for the review.


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