How to request a pre-consultation for planning application

Some types of planning applications necessitate a pre-consultation phase before the application phase. 

For each application type, the municipality configures the required pre-consultation workspace. When you select the category for your application in Cloudpermit, you will be notified of the required pre-consultation phase.

Cloupermit takes you to the pre-consultation workspace and walks you through the process of completing it and submitting it online to your municipality's planning department.

Creating a draft application

  1. Click "Create a New Application" in your dashboard.
  2. Select a province or state and the municipality to which you will submit the request.
  3. Select "Planning Approval" for the application type.
  4. Click "Create Application." 
  5. Select a project type.
  6. Choose a category item. A notification will appear under the section if a category item requires pre-consultation.
  7. Select the "Create a New Project" tab in the "Project Selection" section.
  8. Enter a name for your project.
  9. Select the property location. More steps for searching for property locations using the interactive map can be found here.
  10. Check the data you have filled out in the "Summary" view. Click "Back" to return to the previous views if you need to change the data. When you're finished, click "Finish & Create."

Filling out the pre-consultation request 

  1. Cloudpermit will take you to the pre-consultation request workspace once you have created a draft application.
  2. In this workspace, you can take the following actions:
    • You can communicate with the application's parties and the municipal department using the workspace header's in-built messaging feature. The messaging workspace will be opened when you click the "Show message" link. More useful articles for the messaging feature can be found in the "Messaging" folder.
    • You can configure your application's email notifications by enabling or disabling them in the workspace header. Cloudpermit recommends allowing them so that you can better follow up on the actions in your application workspace.
    • You can invite parties to participate in your workspace, such as planning consultants, property owners, and other planning professionals. Read the articles in the "Party Invitations" folder for more steps.  
    • Attachments such as site plans and other documents can be added to the pre-consultation request to help planning authorities better understand your land development plans.

      Support articles about attachments can be found here.

  3. Some application types may require filling out forms that will be visible in the "Project Data" section. Click on the form to be taken to the form view, which allows you to fill out the required fields. Cloudpermit saves your changes to the form automatically. 

Requesting pre-consultation

  1. Once you've entered all the needed data, click "Request Pre-Consultation" at the top of the workspace.
  2. Your pre-consultation request has been submitted to the municipal department.  The status of the request is "Submitted." Once the municipal department begins the pre-consultation process, its status will change to "In Process."
  3. Cloudpermit sends you two automated emails:
    • When you have submitted the request.
    • When the municipal department begins processing your pre-consultation request.

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