How to know and check if your application has been appealed

Cloudpermit allows authorities to set approval to appeal if needed. The most common type of planning appeal is appeals against the refusal of planning permission. 

Appeals can be lodged in other circumstances, for example, where an application is granted subject to conditions the Applicant considers unreasonable, where the application is not decided within the time allowed, or where there is a dispute between the Applicant and the planning authority regarding whether the Applicant has supplied sufficient information to determine a planning application. 

An appeal can be made after the application has received its decision (or no decision in time). Appeals are made outside of Cloudpermit. However, the local government authority will change the application status to Appealed. Applicants and other involved parties will receive an email notification regarding the appeal. After having an appeal, the application will have a new section, "Applicaiton Appeals," to which appeals are saved. 

In this section, you will learn how to check if the approval is appealed. 

  1. Cloudpermit sends all involved parties an email regarding the application status change to Appealed.
  2. After logging in to Cloudpermit, navigate to the Application workspace.
  3. The application has a section Application Appeals to which appeals are saved.
  4. You will see the tribunal, the date of appeal and meeting, and the decision data. The body of the appeal is not visible.

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