How to complete required application data in your draft approval application

The planning application contains sections like application data and attachments that must be filled out before submitting the application. Some application types may have gone through the pre-consultation process. After the pre-consultation is completed, the Authority will begin a draft application with the required data. Some planning application types do not require pre-consultation, and the Applicant will fill out the required application data and submit the application to the municipality.

In this section, you will learn how to complete the required application data in your draft approval application.

  1. The Required Tasks progress bar shows the data to be filled out before the application submission in the Application workspace. 

2. Go to Parties to the Application to add parties to collaborate on the application. See instructions for inviting parties to the application. Note that you must always add an Agent and a Property Owner roles to your approval application.

3. Scroll down to Application Data. Cloudpermit provides you with the application your local government authority has pre-configured according to the selected category, scope, and proposed use. 

4. Select Scope and Proposed Use from the drop-down menus. The selection depends on the application type. Cloudpermit automatically saves the changes.

5. Click the application name to enter the application form and fill out the mandatory data marked by an asterisk (*).

5. The application data is now completed.

6. Scroll down to Attachments. The required attachments are listed in this view.

7. To add attachments, see the steps described in the support article How to add attachments and decide/change the file visibility.

8. You have now completed the application data. The approval application is ready to be signed off.

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