How to Navigation between multiple forms


The latest update introduces a wizard-like navigation for forms within a workspace, ensuring a seamless flow and reducing confusion among users as they fill out various forms. The update includes a new navigation method that connects different forms within a workspace, eliminating the need to jump in and out of forms. This change applies to all products and forms across all phases (pre-construction, application, execution).

Navigating the Forms

  1. Application Forms View:

    • Upon entering a form, you'll see the 'Application Forms View' at the top of the page. This section functions like tabs, showing the names of all forms the user has permissions to access and indicating the user's current location within the forms.
  2. Floating Toolbar Navigation:

    • A floating toolbar at the bottom of the screen serves as the main navigation element. It allows users to move back and forth between forms or jump directly to a desired form.
  3. Form Structure:

    • Forms are now presented in one continuous block against a white background for clarity. The main title at the top is 'Application Forms', and form names are now part of the content block as second-tier titles.
  4. Status Color Coding:

    • Blue: Default/not started application form.
    • Yellow: Started but incomplete form.
    • Green: Completed form.

Features within the Forms

  • Toolbar Actions: Users can navigate between forms using the toolbar actions.
  • Number Pill: This feature in the section header shows the number and status of the forms, enhancing visibility of progress.

User Interface Enhancements

  • Visual Consistency: The partitions within the form are separated by divider lines, maintaining a clean and organized look.
  • Accessibility: Changes ensure that the interface is intuitive, reducing the cognitive load on users as they navigate through forms.

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