How to be notified of a due payment

Cloudpermit will email you right away once the new payment has been added to the application. The system generates an invoice PDF that will be included in the email.

In the Fees & Payments section of the application workspace, you can find the payment options and guidelines from your city or town.

Also, once you have logged into your Cloudpermit account, you'll see a reminder in the "Tasks and Requests" section of your dashboard that the overdue payment is waiting. You can enter the application workspace by clicking the blue arrow at the end of the row. The workspace's "Fees & Payments" section lists all paid and unpaid application bills. You may have a few options for paying the fee, depending on how your municipality handles payments.

  1. In the application workspace, scroll down to the "Fees & Payments" section and expand it. The due payment appears under "Unpaid."
  2. Usually, the guidelines on how to pay are displayed at the top of this section. If you are unsure on how to pay, contact your municipal building department for furher information.
  3. The invoice PDF is also downloadable in this section.
  4. Once you have paid the due payment, the municipal authority will acknowledge the received payment and set the bill as paid. The bill will be moved to the "Paid" section in the "Fees & Payments." The section includes downloadable receipt PDF.

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