How to assign yourself multiple roles in the application

Applicants may give themselves multiple roles in the application. If you are acting, for example, as a property owner, payer, or agent in your application, you can designate yourself in those roles in the "Parties to the Application" section. The number of assigned roles is not limited. Furthermore, The applicant role will be automatically granted permission to modify and create new applications.

  1. Scroll to "Parties to the Application" in the application workspace. Select your party card and click the "Pencil" symbol next to your name on your party card.
  2. Select roles from the "Select roles*" drop-down list. The number of selected roles is not limited. Cloudpermit automatically saves your selection.
  3. Return to the "Parties to the Application" section by clicking "Close."
  4. The selected roles are now visible on your party card.


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