How to make a new workspace in the "Project" workspace view

You can create a new workspace in the project workspace view. This feature is essential if you have multiple construction projects in the same province, state, or municipality and want to manage them as a single project. 

Go to your dashboard and select the "Create a New Application" wizard to begin a new project for another province, state, or municipality.

  1. Navigate to the top of the workspace header in the application and click the "project name link".
  2. You will be taken to the project workspace view. Click the "Create New Workspace" button.
  3. You will be directed to the workspace, where you can choose the application type.The province, state, and municipality will follow their original applications and will not be reselected.

  4. Select the project type and category. After the category selection, you can choose a work type and target for the category.
  5. Click "Next."
  6. In the location view, you can search for a property by address or roll number. Another option is to use the map by dragging across it when Cloudpermit displays the details of the discovered property on the right. You can manually enter the property address if you cannot find it on the interactive map. Read the help article on manually determining property location here.
  7. Click "Next." 
  8. The "Summary" view summarizes your application details. If they are correct, click the "Finish & Create" button to be redirected to the application workspace.
  9. The "Required Tasks" progress bars in the application workspace show your actions to complete the application. Click the project name (a hyperlink) at the top of the workspace header to switch from the application workspace to the project workspace view. 
  10. The new workspace for the application appears under the "Applications" section.

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