How to Make Changes to Applications via Change Request

When working on your application in Cloudpermit, you might encounter situations where additional reviews by a qualified reviewer lead to the need for changes in your application. Here's how to effectively address and respond to these change requests.

Notification of Change Request

  • Email Notification: If enabled, you'll receive an email alerting you to the change request. Click "Open application" to proceed. A screenshot of a computer

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  • Dashboard Notification: A notification will also appear in the "Tasks and Requests" section of your dashboard.
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    Accessing and Making Changes to the Form
  1. Enter the Application Workspace: Follow the link from your email or dashboard notification to access your application workspace.
  2. View the Change Request: The description of the change request is displayed prominently. For additional information or clarification, use the "Direct message" link to contact the reviewer directly.
  3. Completing the Form: After making the necessary changes, click "Changes Made" to lock the form and prevent further edits. A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generatedConfirming and Submitting Your Changes
  4. Confirm Your Changes: Navigate back to the workspace and confirm your changes by clicking "Back to Workspace." 
  5. Submit for Review: Mark your application as "Done" to send it back to the reviewer for further review. 

Completion of Review

Review Process: The application status will change to "In Review." If approved, the process moves forward. If further changes are needed, a new change request will be issued, reverting the application status to "Changes Required." 

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