How to make changes to attachment type via a change request

Some application types may require additional reviews, such as an architectural or zoning plan review. In that case, the application will be assigned to a qualified reviewer. When the assigned reviewer begins working on your application, they may add new attachment types that you must upload to your application. You will be notified of them via a change request. Additionally, your application has been changed to "Changes Requested."

You will be notified of the change request via email if you've enabled email notifications in your application. Furthermore, there will be a notification in your dashboard's "Tasks and Requests" section.

  1. In your "Tasks and Requests" section, click the arrow at the end of the change request row. You will be taken to your application workspace to see the change request.
  2. A description of the change request is included under the "Review Result." If you have any question about the change request, you can begin a communication with the reviewer by clicking the "Direct message" link. It opens the message workspace and allows you to send a message to the reviewer.

  3. The required attachment types are listed under the "Changes Requests" section. 

  4. Scroll down to the "Attachments" section. The red icon next to the "Attachments" header indicates that this section requires actions from you. You will find the required attachment type under the "Required attachments" section. The red line next to the attachment type indicates it is not in the application yet. 

  5. You can upload the missing attachment type by clicking the "click here" link or dragging the attachment from your local folder to the drag-and-drop zone. Read more steps to upload attachments here.

  6. The green line next to the attachment type under "Required attachments" indicates that the application has received the required attachment type. The uploaded attachment can be found in the attachment list. Click the downward arrow next to the attachment type name to select the attachment and expand the section. 

  7. The required attachment has been uploaded to the application workspace, as seen in the image below.

  8. You have now finished the necessary action. The green line next to the attachment type indicates that it is correct and has been uploaded successfully.

  9. Click "Mark as Done". The change request will be routed to your municipal department, and the assigned reviewer will start the approval process.

    The change request was removed from your application workspace when you clicked the "Mark as Done" button. The status of the application has been changed to "In Review."

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