How to make changes to a newly added form via a change request

Some application types may require additional reviews, such as an architectural or zoning plan review. In that case, the application will be assigned to a qualified reviewer. When the assigned reviewer begins working on your application, they may add new forms that you must complete. You will be notified of them via a change request. Your application has been changed to "Changes Requested."

If you have enabled email notifications in your application, the change request will be emailed to you. Click the "Open application" link to enter the application workspace after logging into your account.
In addition, a message will appear in your "Tasks and Requests" section of your dashboard informing you that your application requires you to do something. Click the arrow at the end of the row to access the form view. After logging in to your Cloudpermit account, you will see the change request in your dashboard's "Tasks and Requests" section. Access the form by clicking the arrow at the end of the row.

Providing the required changes to the form

  1. You will see the change request description at the top of the view. If you need any additional information regarding the form or change request, begin a direct converstation with the reviewer by clicking "Direct message" link.  It will open the "message" workspace where you can write and send your message. Read more steps here.
  2. Once you have completed the form, click "Changes Made."
  3. Once you have confirmed your changes, the form will be locked, and no further changes will be permitted.
  4. Your changes to the form have been saved. Next, you must confirm that you have made the required changes to the form and send the application back to the reviewer. You can do that in the application workspace. Click "Back to Workspace."
  5. The change request is displayed at the top of the application workspace. The information label includes the reviewer's name and a direct link (direct message) to the "Messages" workspace to begin a conversation with the reviewer if there are any remaining questions about the change request.

    When you are ready to submit, click "Mark as Done." 

  6. The application workspace step has changed to "In Review". The form will be reviewed again by the reviewer. If everything is in order, the reviewer will approve it.
  7. A new change request will be submitted if the form still needs to be modified. It changes the status of your application back to "Changes Required."

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